Transfer Station

Gerry Whitney, attendant

Every Saturday: 8am-3pm
July & August: Wednesdays 3-6pm

All Warwick residents can use the Greenfield Transfer Station year-round. The Greenfield Transfer Station accepts a wide variety of materials. There is a fee for most items. For more information visit this page.

To find recycling and disposal locations for a variety of materials try recycle smart’s Beyond the Bin database here.


Bagged Trash 33 gal. WARWICK Bag$30 / roll of 10$5 each
Bagged Trash 15 gal. WARWICK Bag$15 / roll of 10$2 each
Contractor Trash 55 gal. Warwick Bag$10.00 Available at Tx station only for use on-site / same day
BULKY AND CONSTRUCTIONNote surcharge for bulky items > four feet in length.
Sheetrock, wood, and plaster$50 / cu. yard
Roofing shingles, masonry$90 / cu. yard
Items too large for bagged trash$50 / cu. yard
longer than 4′2 x above price
Mattress or box spring (soiled)$50 eachclean units must be recycled!
Sofabed$50 each$35 at Wendell or Bernardston Facility
Sofa, couch, loveseat$30 each
Upholstered chair$15 each
bathtub, sink or toilet$10 each
Carpet or area rug up to 10′ x 10′$10 each
Carpet or area rug up to 12′ x 20′$20 each
20# BBQ tank, fire extinguisher$5 each
Up to 100# LP, helium, CO2 tank$10 each
Wooden chair, desk, bureau$5 – $10 each
Console TV$20
TV or computer CRT$15
flat screen computer monitor$10
Large projection TV$25
Copy machine$20
Printer, scanner, fax machine, SOHO office fax$5
VCR, DVD, game console$5
Vacuum cleaner$5
Items containing refrigerant: air conditioners$20 each
freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers$20 each*Door must be removed
Passenger/Light Truck/ Motorcycle$3 / eachWith or without wheel
Oversize tires, racing slicks, up to 19″$5 / eachWith or without wheel
Heavy truck tires 20″ and larger$10 / eachWith or without wheel
Tractor, loader, skiddermarket priceWith or without wheel
Furnace, Boiler, bicycle, grill, stove, washerno charge
mower, snowblower, etcno chargeDrain gasoline
dishwasher, trash compacter, water heaterno charge

Warwick Transfer Station is for use by residents only (year-round and seasonal). See the attendant for direction and with any questions.

Recycling is the law. We provide for the following sorts:

commingled containers

paper and corrugated
crt and flatscreen displays

lighting and ballasts

Trash and bulky waste are not recycled. In each case what you don’t recyle goes to a landfill.

Break down boxes before putting them in the compactor. The compactor stroke is short relative to the container. Help us get more in each load by cutting up and flattening your boxes.

Bulky charges are by volume even though we pay for disposal by weight. It costs the same to ship a light load as a heavy one. Note the surcharge for bulky items longer than four feet in length. Cut up carpet, lumber, and sheetrock so we can compact the load. Or pay 2x the rate.

No charge for most metal items – put them in the appropriate container. There is a charge for removal of refrigerants. Not negotiable.

The transfer station is not a swap meet. If you have something “good” to give away advertise it on the e-mail list. For liability reasons we prohibit scavenging.

We are not permitted to accept hazardous materials. No used motor oil or antifreeze. Paint must be dry. A Household hazardous waste day is held once each year.

What to do with small batteries?
Rechargeable batteries are collected in lamp shed. Other small one use batteries, dispose of in trash. If you buy a new auto battery you can turn in the old one in where you bought the new one.

Mattresses and box springs have to be recycled. Greenfield and Bernardston are accepting. Most sellers of new bedding will haul away the old as part of the transaction.

So that the attendant can spend more time making the transfer station run efficiently and less time being a retail clerk, bags purchased at the library or at town hall cost far less than those sold at the transfer station. Your payment by check, rather than by cash, whenever possible, is appreciated.

Warwick’s Transfer Station Committee consists of:

MemberTerm Expires
Mike Mankowsky2027
Mark Fellows2025
Todd Dexter2026

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