2024-03-07 Transfer Station Commission Minutes

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Meeting Date: March 7, 2024
5:00 PM, Transfer Station Garage Road

1. Meeting called to order by Mike Mankowsky, Chair

In Attendance: Mike Mankowsky, Mark Fellows, Todd Dexter, David Young, Town Coordinator, Gerry Whiney, Attendant.

11. New Business – Tree Cutting Proposal

A. Walk the inside perimeter tree line: For the purpose of observing dead, hazardous and/or trees creating hazardous conditions for the landfill cap and safe operation of the facility.

The Commissioners walked the tree line along the West side of the fence line noting several dead mixed soft and hardwood trees that pose a safety issue and potential property damage risk. Chair Mike Mankowsky stated that the last cut around the parameter had been performed in the late 1990s. Commissioner Mark Fellows expressed concern with the large pines around the parameter of the old landfill cap. With the severe weather conditions and high winds that occur more often the potential for downed trees puncturing of the cap liner is a large concern. Coordinator David Young said the Forestry Committee is planning a selective cut on the adjacent Allen Lot which is in the planning stages now. They have hired a forester to mark the timber.

B. Discussion with Town Coordinator David Young to coordinate tree marking by Forester Mike Mowry for cutting and removal of trees with the upcoming Allen Lot tree harvest.

Coordinator Young said the Select Board has already hired Mike Mowry to begin marking the Allen Lot. Young said he will work with Mowry and the Forest Committee to incorporate the Transfer Station cut in conjunction with the Allen Lot harvest.

The Commissioners came to a consensus to work with Coordinator Young to organize a tree cutting plan for the parameter of the entire Transfer Station. This will include the fence line and landfill cap.

III. Unanticipated Business: None

V. Adjourn, 6:10 PM

Attachments: E mail meeting notes from Coordinator David Young.