2023-12-11 Special Town Meeting Minutes

December 11th, 2023

The Special Town Meeting opened at 7:05 p.m. having met the quorum requirement of 32 registered voters. 44 registered voters were present at the meeting.

ARTICLE 1: VOTED unanimously to transfer from stabilization $68,000 (sixty-eight thousand dollars) to fund the new hybrid police cruiser.

ARTICLE 2: VOTED unanimously to rescind the Special Town Meeting vote of December 12 2022 in Article 7 to borrow $70,000 for a police cruiser.

ARTICLE 3: VOTED unanimously to rescind the vote of May 1 2023 Article 18 to transfer $31,102 to reduce the levy.

ARTICLE 4: VOTED unanimously to appropriate former grant proceeds in the amount $19,426 to the Stabilization Fund.

ARTICLE 5: VOTED unanimously to appropriate certified free cash in the amount of $138,578 to the Stabilization Fund.

ARTICLE 6: VOTED to borrow $80,000 for the acquisition of a hybrid or Electric vehicle for use as a “7D” certified vehicle for transporting Warwick District students.

ARTICLE 7: PASSED OVER Shall the Town authorize the Warwick School Committee and Selectboard to enter into a five-year lease for an upfitted 7D vehicle to transport WCS students.?

ARTICLE 8: VOTED unanimously to authorize the Selectboard, pursuant to a bid process, to enter into a five-year contract for Warwick District School pupil bussing.

ARTICLE 9: VOTED unanimously to discontinue and abandon Paul Road as a statutory private way, privately maintained.

ARTICLE 10: VOTED unanimously to authorize payment of the following listed prior year bills from respective current year accounts or funds as identified below.

Fire Department Sandri$673.48propaneFD Expense
SelectboardPrecision Ctrls$2,946.50pump rebldWCS Improvement
Board of HealthLab$200beachBoH Expense

ARTICLE 11: VOTED unanimously to apply the national grid energy rebates received for completing grant funded Green Communities energy saving measures to the grant funded project’s expenditures.

ARTICLE 12: VOTED unanimously to establish a Bridge Grant fund for police training and equipment thereby making the revenue expendable by the PD without further appropriation.

ARTICLE 13: VOTED unanimously to increase the amount named by vote at the May 1 2023 Annual Town Meeting Article 6 from a $5000 earnings cap for the fiscal year, to $7,500.

The meeting was dissolved at 7:48 p.m.

A true record of the meeting. Attest:

John Paganetti
Town Clerk