2022-12-12 Special Town Meeting Minutes

December 12th, 2022

The Special Town Meeting opened at 7:03 p.m. having met the quorum requirement of 33 registered voters (5% quorum). 44 registered voters were present at the meeting.

ARTICLE 1: Voted to authorize the Selectboard to enter a long-term and renewable contract with the Pioneer Valley Regional School District that recognizes and defines the annual settlement of Warwick’s portion of the Regional School District’s pension and other post-employment benefits (OPEB) attributable to Warwick’s former membership.

ARTICLE 2: Voted unanimously to amend Article 8 of the Special Town Meeting of October 17, 1973 vote on the composition of the Scholarship Committee, by striking the words: “at least one member of said committee to be a Warwick member of the Pioneer Valley Regional School District”.

ARTICLE 3: Voted unanimously to allow the Selectboard to appoint one of its members to a position under their supervision as allowed by MGL Chapter 268A, section 21.

ARTICLE 4: Voted unanimously to grant an ethics exemption under MGL Chapter 268A, section 20 to Selectboard member Brian Snell to be compensated for work as an education planner and teacher for Warwick’s planned school district and set compensation at $25 per hour, not to exceed $5000 per fiscal year, beginning in January of 2023.

ARTICLE 5: Voted unanimously to grant an ethics exemption to Louise P. Doud, spouse of a Selectboard member so that she may hold an interest in a contract with the Town (funded by a private grant) to provide educational consulting on reading and curriculum; and set compensation at $70 per hour with a maximum contract value of $3000.

ARTICLE 6: Voted unanimously to approve payment of prior year bills to the following named vendors and not to exceed specified amounts: Verizon $841.36; Athol Rental, $260.51; Lithium Hosting $244.00 and Fire Department Permit Revolving (up to $1705.00) as recommended by Selectboard; bills to be paid from corresponding departmental current year account.

ARTICLE 7: Voted to authorize the treasurer to borrow $70,000 for the acquisition of a new hybrid electric all-wheel drive police cruiser. A count was taken, with 34 Aye, 6 Nay.

ARTICLE 8: Motion made to pass over Article 8. Motion unanimously approved.

The meeting dissolved at 8:12 p.m. A true record of the action taken.

John Paganetti, Town Clerk