2020-03-02 Special Town Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2020

The Town Meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. with 90 registered voters present. The meeting satisfied the 5% quorum requirement of 29 registered voters. There are 580 registered voters in Warwick. The meeting acted on the following business:

ARTICLE 1: VOTED whereas the Town of Warwick entered into a contract for regional grade K-12 education services with the towns of Leyden, Northfield, and Bernardston, and whereas the signed and binding contract between the towns clearly left the K-6 elementary education of Warwick children in Warwick, and whereas the residents of Warwick have built a beautiful school for its children in Warwick, and whereas it was not part of the regional contract agreement for the other member towns or District to decide the future of elementary education in Warwick, and in light of this breach of commitment and contract, that Warwick withdraw K-6 elementary education for Warwick children from involvement with the PVRSD agreement and engage in an agreement that aligns with Warwick’s commitment to educating Warwick children in its Warwick elementary school and direct its Selectboard and Education Advisory Committee to pursue these alternatives.

ARTICLE 2: VOTED unanimously that the Town transfer from Capital Stabilization the sum of $12,349 for the Pioneer Regional School District FY20 assessment. (2/3 vote required)

ARTICLE 3: VOTED that the Town transfer from Capital Stabilization the sum of $40,000, to be under the control of the Selectboard, to provide supplemental FY21 elementary appropriation to augment or equalize PVRSD WCS operating expense. (2/3 vote requirement satisfied)

ARTICLE 4: VOTED unanimously that the town authorize payment of $526 of prior fiscal year bills from vendor C2.Energy payable from the respective current year departmental operating budgets expense appropriation. (90% vote required)

The meeting was dissolved at 8:20 p.m. A true record of the vote.

Jeannette Fellows
Town Clerk