2023-11-08 Transfer Station Minutes

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Meeting Date: November 8, 2023

6:30 PM, Warwick Town Hall

1. Meeting called to order by Mike Mankowsky, (remote attendance by Phone) at 6:31 PM

In Attendance: Mark Fellows, Todd Dexter, Mike Mankowsky (remote) Attendant Gerry Whitney

2. Review & Approval of last meeting minutes. Mark moved to wait until next month’s meeting to approve the October minutes due to Mike being away.

3. Old Business

A. Fence Line Extension: The matter was tabled until the December meeting. Todd needs to reach out to the fence companies and arrange a site visit.

B. Power for the Connex: Gerry said he would like to see four LED fixtures inside the unit and an outlet at the front door for power tools or any electrical needs. Mike is working with Todd Weed, the Town Electrician to set up a time and date to visit the site. Tabled until the next meeting for another update.

C. Attendant’s Shed: Mike was working on a solution to the electrical lines coming into the shed. Gerry suggested that Todd Weed could install slip joints on the two pieces of conduit which would allow for expansion and contraction of the lines. Mike will check with Weed and see if Neeham Electric Supply in Greenfield has the material for the job. He will report back.

4. New Business

A. Long Term Projects: Gerry said the Buildings & Energy Committee had offered to cover and enclose the hydraulic tanks on the two compactors to conserve heat and energy. They had suggested foam board insulation. The matter would have to be brought back to the table and contact them to revisit this if the commission is interested. The tanks are equipped with heaters for the cold weather.

1) Maintenance of the driveway inside the gate. Who is responsible, Highway or a contractor

2) Compactors: Todd spoke with Tom Walker at the Northfield DPW. They have been swapping their units out every five years by trading them in for rebuilt units. They have two on hand at all times for trash and cardboard due to volume. This guarantees a tandem haul. The units are kept up to date and chances of failure have been non-existent. The consensus of the commission is to explore this avenue. Our units are 20 plus years old now.

3) Electric motors: Todd had reached out to Applied Dynamics in Greenfield about rebuilding or replacing the two motors to have as spares. Based on the quotes obtained it would be cheaper to move to a 10 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor instead of the old open drip proof now in use. The savings would be $1044.18 per motor. The Baldor open drip proof motor would be $2223.31 and the Weg 10 HP totally enclosed motor $1179.13. Consensus was to not purchase a motor until needed. They are in stock ready to go. See attached quotes

B. FCSWD Inspection: Gerry reported that the inspection went well. The town was written up for two items. The fire extinguisher was not tagged for re-inspection for 2023. However, it does have an expiration date of December 2023. Mike will address this and see that it is inspected next time the town conducts a town wide inspection. The binder kept in the attendant’s shed documenting inspections was missing. There was also a concern about electronics and old batteries being left out on a table in the plastic shed. Gerry has since sorted and stowed away all batteries in proper containers.

C. Budget for maintenance & Upkeep: Todd will ask Coordinator David Young for intake and expense reports for the last three years. This will help determine what is needed to formulate an operating budget. An up keep figure of $3500.00 was discussed for annual maintenance and equipment.

Mike Mankowsky left the meeting at 7:16 PM

D. Extra Keys for Compactor & Conex: The new combination padlocks arrived. Gerry replaced the keyed locks on the Conex and the plastic shed with these. The combination is the same as the main gate now. Compactor keys need to be addressed still.

E. Weekly Receivables Report: In order to keep track of incoming fees and bag receipts the commission would like Gerry to turn in his sheets weekly to a commission member.

F. Updates and needs from Attendant Gerry Whitney: Gerry needs a roll of duct tape and packaging tape to close and seal boxes. Also an 8 Ft grabber for recyclables. Gerry thinks a sale for bulky waste will not work. Further discussion is needed. He also said Don Matthews is the one responsible for putting down the pavement out front of the gate, not highway.

5. Unanticipated business. None

6. Public Comment. None

7. Adjourn new meeting date. Next meeting will December 13th , 6:30 PM at the Town Hall All Boards Room.

Adjourned at 7:40 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Todd Dexter
Commission Member