2023-05-15 Annual Town Election Results

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted in this year’s Annual Town Election. There were 96 total voters, both absentee and in person. Warwick has 652 total registered voters. The results are as follows:

89 Brian Snell
7 Blank

84 Ann Kendall
12 Blank

Town Clerk
92 John Paganetti
4 Blank

Board of Health
55 Anna Picard
25 Michael Italia
16 Blank

90 Brian Peters
6 Blank

Library Trustees
83 Nadia Woodson Marti
75 Elaine Sednek
4 Jesse Lopes
30 Blank

46 Jim McRae
50 Blank

Transfer Station Commissioner
52 Todd Dexter
14 George Roaf
23 Johan Sednek
7 Blank

Highway Commissioner
78 Bruce Kilhart
16 Blank
2 Bob Croke

Cemetery Commissioner
86 Blank
3 Jim Toth
3 George Roaf
2 Johan Sednek
1 Brad Matthews
1 Clyde Perkins Jr

School Committee Member (1 Year)
88 Alan Genovese
8 Blank

School Committee Member (2 Years)
88 Diana Noble
8 Blank

School Committee Member (3 Years)
61 Adam Holloway
33 David Wells
2 Blank

If you’re interested and able in helping during a future election, please write to the Town Clerk. We’ve really been flying by the seat of our pants with poll workers these last few elections, and are always looking for more people.

And as ever, please reach out to me if you have any questions.