2022-05-16 Annual Town Election

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted in this year’s Annual Town Election. There were 53 total voters, both absentee and in person. A huge thank you to Dawn Magi, Cheri Robartes, Louise Doud, David Koester, & Johan Sednek for checking in voters today. Thank you as well to our constables Brian Peters & Bruce Kilhart for working the ballot box. The results are as follows:

50 Keith Ross
3 Blank

49 John Paganetti
1 David Koester
3 Blank

Board of Health
51 Don Matthews
2 Blank

47 A. George Day
6 Blank

Library Trustees (3 years)
50 Clare Green
46 Gregg Stone
10 Blank

Library Trustee (1 year)
12 Jesse Lopes
10 Nancy Harnden
2 Helen Whipple
1 Janice Starmer

Transfer Station Commissioner
49 Mark Fellows
3 Blank
1 Gerald Whitney

Highway Commissioner
45 Kevin Alden
8 Blank

Cemetery Commissioner (3 years)
50 Clyde Perkins Jr.
3 Blank

Cemetery Commissioner (2 years)
47 John Cassinari
6 Blank

If you’re interested and able in helping during a future election, please write to me. We’ve really been flying by the seat of our pants with poll workers these last few elections, and are always looking for more people.

And as ever, please reach out to me if you have any questions.