Planning Board

The Planning Board is charged with administering, and from time to time, proposing amendments to, the town’s zoning by-laws and subdivision regulations. Within this broad area of responsibility, the Planning Board conducts site plan reviews, approves all plans of land that will be submitted to the Registry of Deeds, and is authorized to issue certain Special Permits.

Other responsibilities include administering the town’s Scenic Roads Policy, adopted in 2011, which provides for public oversight of any proposed shade tree cutting or alteration of stone walls along designated scenic roads within the town. (All roads in town, except for Route 78, are classified as scenic roads.) The Planning Board also serves as the town’s Agricultural Commission, and although lacking in enforcement authority, can help to resolve potential conflicts between farmers and their non-farming neighbors.

Warwick adopted a floodplain overlay district by-law in 2011. While the entire town is covered by the general zoning by-laws, areas within designated floodplains are also subject to regulations set forth in the floodplain overlay district by-law. That by-law was incorporated into the town’s zoning by-laws and appears as Chapter 12 in that document.

The Planning Board meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except August) at 7:30 pm in Town Hall.

Warwick’s Planning Board consists of:

John Bradford, Chair
Brad Compton, Secretary
Howard Mathison
Kelly Buchanan
Sandy Renna
Kady Woods (alternate member)

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