2023-03-28 Building & Energy Committee Minutes

Warwick Buildings and Energy Committee Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2023

Call To Order: 6:05 p.m. Present via zoom: Allison Gage (FRCOG) Dan Dibble, Janice Kurkoski, Chair, Jack Cadwell and Steve Kurkoski.

Public Comment: None

Discussion, Updates & Action Items:

Allison Gage of FRCOG shared the revised draft of the Warwick Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

She updated the animal inventory with the info from Mary and Rosa. Brad Compton also provided info on preserved land.

Home heating consumption data is based on 2020 for regional home types, consumption, and is not super accurate. Allison will create a footnote explaining this.

Burning wood turns out to have way more emissions than oil or propane, but this does not count source emissions, only on-site emissions. She will include another footnote to that effect.

Vehicle transportation emissions are based on 2014 data from the RMV. 2020 data will be available in July. Another footnote to include here.

Carbon sequestration in the forested acres in Warwick offsets all the emissions within its borders.

However, our Net-Zero Plan needs to address the reality of emissions that we can continue to reduce. (this is not a zero-sum game).

Next step – start working on a Net-Zero plan.

JK will put together a list of energy conservation projects since 2007, and another list of future projects. Allison may still have funds in the META grant to help Warwick with the current GC Grant application. Allison left around 6:50 after deciding we would all meet again April18, 6:00 pm

Claudia Lewis and Zack Marti joined the Zoom mtg around 6:45 to talk about the fire station. She gave example of the need for warm water and a bathroom and shower for the firemen and said that most people in town are not aware of the critical needs of 1st responders. There is a lack of communication between “silos” in town. JK agreed to send her minutes or excerpts from past BEC mtgs relating to the fire station(s), esp. the ones with Joe L. & Mike M. JK will send the bid doc from Kevin Davis to Claudia and the BEC members, outlining the steps for completion of the office area.

After Claudia and Zack left, JK listed the possible projects that could be applied for during the current Green Communities Grant round. Application is due May 5th: air to water Heat pump for the fire station, more mini-splits for the school, $5k for the new hybrid police cruiser, and perhaps a DHW solar thermal system for WCS.

SK mentioned that he was offered 149 free PV panels, but that if these were installed in Warwick on the school or fire station or landfill, the projects may not qualify for the upcoming 30% rebate to be offered to municipalities and non-profits as part of the IRA, as these are not brand new panels.

Minutes of the previous meeting (02/21/23) were unanimously accepted as written.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm