Warwick Old Home Days
Despite Saturday’s visit by Tropical Storm Danny, the non-cancelled events were well attended by a swarm of enthusiastic Warwickians
Town Coordinator David Young awaits the pitch...
A hit! He begins his slide into the icy water...
...and the crowd cheers!
Nancy Kilhart, and Freddie and Ginny Fellows share a laugh
Miryam Williamson and Ed Hawes move their tag sale out of the rain
Arline Lincoln oversees the Silent Auction
Colly Paul posts the cancellations as Cathy Carey looks on
Mr. Root plays the piano
Lunch is served!
Rosa and Jon Calcari man the Paws Up tag sale
Cathy Carey holds up a Warwick Seal T-shirt as Larry looks on
Coach Joe Paul musters the company for the contest against Northfield
Our team finishes the first event in record time!
Spectators enjoy the muster as Warwick defeats Northfield decisively
The teams gather wetly after the last competition
The junior firemen and women solicit contributions to the...
...Warwick Public Building fund
Rosa and helpers distribute the goodies at the “Bark off”
Senator Brewer pours water (?) for his fellow judges at the Bake-off
The panel considers an entry while spectators await the buffet
Joe and Colly Paul, exhausted but happy organizers of events
August 29 & 30, 2009