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Broadband Committee

Scott Seago (clerk), Bill Foote (vice-chair), Tom Wyatt (chair)

Berkshire Wireless installing our equipment on the cell tower - photo by Ray Lemek

Service and Status Information

Call 413-676-9544 for WBS service or to check network status.

If we have a system-wide outage it will be noted in the message you hear when it goes to VM. That way you will know it isn't only you that is down.

If you are having a problem with service and there is no global acknowledgement of a known issue on this voice mail please leave a message about your outage or other matters broadband related.

Warwick Broadband subscribers may now pay their bill online at this website:

Update from the Chair

Big news - MBI (Massachusetts Broadband Institute) has approved the Town of Warwick's application for $450,000 to complete the upgrade and expansion of our wireless internet system. There is one more approval necessary from MBI's parent organization (MassTech Executive Committee) which is meeting in January, before a funding schedule can begin. However, this is a HUGE step forward! The funds that are coming from the State will allow our system to utilize LTE technology that will provide true high speeds (25mb - much faster than current service) to all permanent residents. Much appreciation is due to the tireless efforts of our Town Coordinator, David Young. THANK YOU David!

Here is the Broadband Committee's Proposal to Upgrade and Expand Warwick Broadband.



Warwick Broadband Service Documents

Buildings and Energy Committee

Mary Humphries, Jack Cadwell, Dan Dibble, Jim Toth, Janice Kurkoski, Steve Kurkoski


Green Corner Column



Annual Reports

Other Reports

  • Report on Fix-up Day, October 19, 2008
  • Energy Efficient Lighting in the Town Hall

  • Community Development

    Community Preservation Act Ad Hoc Group

    Documents and Links


    Conservation Commission

    Allen Berman, Karro Frost, Kasey Rolih, Mary Williamson, Grigori Brodski, Ann Kendall

    Go to their page for information on regulations and meetings.

    Cultural Council

    Martha Kitchen, chair, Cherie Robartes, Beth Gilgun, Laurie Crane, Lisa Vanderstelt, Olivier Flagollet, Susan Wright

    The Warwick Cultural Council has set an October 15 postmark deadline for organizations, schools and individuals to apply for grants that support cultural activities in the community. These grants can support a variety of artistic projects and activities in Warwick -- including exhibits, festivals, field trips, short-term artist residencies or performances in schools, workshops and lectures.

    The Warwick Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities every year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community.

    This year, the Warwick Cultural Council will distribute about $4000 in grants. Previously funded projects included: The New England Swing Band, the book 'Historic Houses of Warwick', and Edible Perennial Gardening and Landscaping.

    Application forms and more information about the Local Cultural Council Program are available online at


    For more information on Warwick's Cultural Council please click here.

    Finances and Finance Committee



    Historical Commission

    Barbara Walker, Martha Morse, Arline Lincoln, Ed Lemon, Jim Toth

    The Warwick Historical Commission meets quarterly in March, June, September and December at 6:45 p.m. in the Town Hall basement.


    Memorial Day Committee

    Rick Abbott, Charlie Brown, Robert Day, Arline Lincoln, Barbara Walker


    Moores Pond Beach Committee

    Dave Shepardson - Chair, Kathy Connelly - Treasurer, Diane Ellis - Secretary, Matt Connelly, Jim McCrae, Barbara Walker, Claire Michaels, Jean Haskell

    Rules and Regulations


    On August 25, 2018, the Annual Corregatta will take place. Despite its recent origins it is one of the highlights of Warwick's Old Home Days, our annual late summer festival.



    Open Space Committee

    George Day Jr., Keith Ross, Mary Williamson, Christine Duerring, Scott Maslansky, Clare Green, Maria Whitney, Mark Maynard

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Open Space Committee is to provide guidance to the Warwick Board of Selectmen, Town Boards, residents and others on how to maintain the rural character and sense of community of Warwick through protecting and encouraging wise use of the land and natural resources, enhancing recreational oportunities and encouraging appropriate economic and residential development.

    Open Space Plan Subcommittee - a.k.a. the Open Space Cadets

    Brad Compton, Chuck Lisowski, Christine Duerring, Clare Green, Dave Shepardson, George Day, George Roaf, Jack Cadwell, Kasey Rolih, Karro Frost, Mary Thomas, Matt Hickler, Pat Lemon, Ted Cady

    The Open Space Plan Subcommittee's Public Forum Presentation on October 14, 2009 is available here. NB: This is a large (4.8 MB) .pdf file.

    The final draft of the Open Space Plan is now available as a 2 MB download in .pdf format here.



    The 2009 Open Space Plan is in progress.

    Warwick was awarded a grant in February enabling the Town to receive nine months of professional planning assistance from Kimberly Noake-MacPhee, FRCOG's Natural Resources Program Manager, at no cost to the Town.

    Personnel Committee - George Day, chair

    The Personnel Committee will hold meetings at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month in Town Hall.


    Planning Board

    Ted Cady, Chair; Elan Sicroff, Brad Compton, Nick Arguimbau, John Williamson


    Town Meeting Flood Plain Overlay District Warrant Article -Update- Ted Cady, Planning Board

    At the February 7, 2011 Special Town Meeting there will be a Flood Plain Overlay District Zoning Bylaw for approval by the voters. At the public hearing several questions came up which might be of interest to all voters so they will be addressed in this update.

    If I am one of the 6 or 8 houses in the flood plain what would flood insurance cost?

    1. If you do not go to a bank to use your house as collateral, you do not have to get flood insurance. In that case your cost would be zero.

    2. If the house is sold, mortgaged, reverse mortgaged or a home equity line of credit or home loan is taken out and the house is in the flood plain you will probably be required to get flood insurance. If the flood plain zone is established you would get insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Since Warwick is not now part of that program no insurance company can give you a "Program" quote for what insurance would cost. Based on experience with other towns that have passed a Flood Plain Overlay District Zoning Bylaw, $200,000 worth of flood insurance on a house might cost about $1,500/year.

    3. Most banks now have the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps and most, except perhaps a local bank that would keep the mortgage, would require flood insurance as part of any financing arrangement. If the article is voted down, flood insurance from a private sector company might cost $5,000/year or more for $200,000 of coverage. The reason for this high cost is that if there is a disaster there will be no FEMA disaster assistance for houses damaged in the floodplain unless we pass the Flood Plain Zoning Overlay District.

    The flood plain map shows my house in a flood zone, but it is well above the flood zone. The flood plain map is wrong. What can I do?

    You can hire a surveyor or professional engineer who will determine the base flood elevation and the elevation of your house and you submit the data to FEMA which will amend the flood zone boundary map to exclude it from the flood plain. The cost can vary but it would probably start at about $2,000, but could be higher.

    If you have questions, you may call any Planning Board member for information: Ted Cady, chair, at 978-544- 6410; Elan Sicroff, Secretary; Brad Compton, Nick Arguimbau, John Williamson.

    At the Special Town Meeting schedule for February 7, 2011 a Flood Plain Zoning Bylaw will be on the warrant. The Planning Board recommends a vote in favor of it. Warwick is one of l5 towns in Massachusetts that has not passed such a bylaw. Originally the Board of Selectmen wanted to pass one so that the town would be eligible to receive Hazard Mitigation Grants. These grants are awarded by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to reduce the risk of damage in case of a natural disaster. An example of a typical problem in Warwick is undersized culverts. If there were a hurricane or other major rain event these undersized culverts would back up and often the result is that the road washes out. FEMA has found that it is much cheaper to install a properly sized culvert before the event than wait until the road washes out in a major storm and then install the proper sized culvert and rebuild the washed out road after the event.

    As the Planning Board worked on developing the proposed Flood Plain Zoning Bylaw (with technical assistance from Franklin Regional Council of Governments Planning Department) we learned that any home in a flood plain that was damaged by flood waters would not be eligible for disaster assistance unless the town had passed a Flood Plain Zoning Bylaw and the that the bylaw is approved by FEMA or a state agency approved by FEMA. The FRCOG Planning Department developed a map of Warwick showing the Flood Plains and the houses that might be within the Flood Plain. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the maps are only approximate, but they are still very helpful. It appears that 8 homes may be in the flood plains. There is a map in the Warwick Free Library showing the flood plains overlain on air photos which show the approximate location of homes and the approximate location of property lines.

    Technically this proposed zoning bylaw is called a Flood Plain Overlay District. This means that while our zoning bylaws cover all of the town, if passed, the Flood Plain Overlay District Zoning Bylaw will only cover the areas within flood plains, so in a flood plain there would be the regular provisions of our zoning bylaws and the additional provisions of the Flood Plain Overlay District Zoning.

    Copies of the proposed zoning bylaw will be available outside of the Town Clerk's office, at the Warwick Free Public Library and on the Warwick website.

    Recreation Committee

    Denyse Dar, Holly Manson, Leanne Limoges, Rita McConville, Shauna Mallet, Mindy Gibbons

    Hello Warwick Community!

    Denyse Dar announces the new Warwick Recreational Committee Webpage! Here you'll find the latest events (and there are some doozies!). Check it out! Also, if you are a Facebook member, check out the Recreation Committee's Facebook page for more details about these activities. Look for Warwick Rec Committee.

    In recent years, the WRC focused mainly on youth sports. However, since our median age is 59.5 and our population so low, the majority of residents were underserved. As WRC Director, Denyse Dar has restructured the committee to broadly serve the entire community. As is always the case with municipal committes, the WRC receives a pittance in the way of funding. Which always represents the greatest challenge when delivering services.

    It is here that Denyse has drawn upon her professional business background to revitalize and restructure the WRC. The strategic goals for the WRC are multi-tiered and seek to exceed simply providing recreation for residents with the small amount of funds budgeted to the committee. The WRC goals and strategies are:

    We hope you will support the WRC and its endeavors. A planet that plays together, stays together!



    Scenic Roads Committee - Ted Cady

    Ted Cady, Dave Shepardson, Jack Cadwell, Mary Williamson, Beth Anderson, Brad Compton

    About a year ago there were complaints that too many trees were being cut by the Highway Department along the edge of town roads. A citizens committee was formed and met about every 3 weeks for almost a year. The result is a document that provides guidelines to town boards regarding the cutting of trees alongside town roads. While the committee was open to anyone, most of the people on the committee are opposed to heavy cutting on our dead end and secondary roads.

    For example, dead end roads have only one exit, so if a tree falls across the road the resident is blocked in. Public safety considerations suggest the trees should be cut heavily back from the edge of the road so when there are high winds there is less chance of the resident being blocked in. After talking with some residents on dead end roads the committee took the opposite view. Most people living on dead end roads do not worry about being blocked in by a blow down and prefer to have heavy tree cover along "their" road. This example is similar to the way it went with most of the discussions where the decisions tended to be to cut more lightly.

    The latest version of the Draft Scenic Roads Cutting Policy is available for viewing at the Warwick Library and on the Warwick website. We welcome your comments, especially if you feel heavier cutting is more desirable along our roads. We do not plan on explaining the policy, so if you have questions about it call Ted Cady, co-chair, at 978-544- 6410 or any member of the committee.

    The l984 Town Meeting designated all roads, except Route 78, as Scenic Roads. This means that when the Highway Department cuts brush along our roads they need to consider such things as maintaining the rural qualities that we cherish, scenic quality of the trees, wildlife crossing, the value of roads as forest fire breaks and maybe other values, as well as the traditional concerns of a highway department of clear ditches, getting sun on the road to reduce Winter maintenance costs, and making it easier to work on the roads. The Highway Department has done a good job cutting brush back on our major roads, but as brush cutting moves onto our dead end or dirt roads maybe other standards should be used to determine what is cut. If you have ideas about this, you are invited to join the committee, call Ted Cady, 978-544-6410.

    The Committee has published its Draft Scenic Roads Policy, available here. Warning, this is a large, 2.3 MB .pdf file!



    Warwick Scholarship Committee - A. George Day, Jr.

    About our scholarships:

    The Warwick Scholarship Committee was organized in 1962 when the Firemen's Association, the Women's Auxiliary to the Firemen, the PTO, the Women's Guild, the Congregational Church, and the Unitarian Church pooled donations and awarded the first scholarship that year to Barbara (Johnson) Walker in the amount of $200.00.

    The scholarship continued this way until the middle 70's when Alice Anderson bequeath an amount of money to the town for scholarships. The Alice, Eric, Oscar Anderson Scholarship Fund was established and the funds are in the hands of the town treasurer. The town voted to allow the existing Warwick Scholarship Committee to administer and award the scholarships from these funds.

    In 1982, upon the death of Anita L. Pike, a memorial scholarship was established in her memory through donations from her many friends and associates. This scholarship is awarded to the PVRS student graduating with the highest scholastic average.

    Application forms for these scholarships are available at the Guidance Dept. of PVRS or at the Warwick Public Library. Applications must be received prior to April 1st. The application form can be sent to any committee member.

    Current members of the Scholarship Committee:

    Carol Foote - Warwick Women's Guild
    Kathy Connelly - Trinitarian Congregational Church
    Linda Gale - Warwick Firemen's Auxiliary
    A. George Day, Jr. - Warwick Firemen's Association
    Erika Nygard - PTO
    Martha Morse - Warwick Historical Society

    The Warwick scholarships have been made available because of the generosity of persons who have made donations, or have left money to this committee in their will, as well as donations from the town organizations that raise money throughout the years. Please consider donations to these funds so as to provide for the continuing of this scholarship program. (Please indicate which fund.)

    Warwick Community Scholarship
    Alice, Eric, Oscar Anderson Scholarship
    Anita L. Pike Memorial Scholarship

    Please send to:

    A. George Day, Jr.
    313 Orange Road
    Warwick, MA 01378

    or: to any member of the committee

    Donations may be made to any of the 3 scholarships at any time. The committee will be very grateful for any assistance in keeping our scholarship funds a continuing program for our college students. (Please see: About our Scholarships)

    Town Forest Committee

    Rod Whipple, Christine Duerring, Keith Ross, Todd Weed, Mary Williamson

    For information on managing forests and woodlands, see the links below. They will open in a separate window. To return to this page, dismiss the window.

    Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals meets as needed. Please contact Miryam Williamson, Chair (978 544-7010) if you need information or need to meet with the ZBA.


    Findings and Decisions



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